Abrao Group sources Flexitanks with adequate care to ensure that they are the most suitable to carry the corresponding liquid. Our Flexitanks sourcing methodology is against the one-size-fits-all formula that many operators follow, as it often elicits disastrous results. Flexitanks are expandable multi-layer polyethylene tanks meant to fit inside a standard 20' heavy-duty container for carrying most bulk liquids that are non-hazardous and within the specific gravity range of 0.85 to 1.2.

Flexitanks and Specialized Packaging Solutions

We offer safe and tailor-made packaging solutions

We source flexitanks manufactured in a wide range, specially designed for the carriage of various liquids. Going against the ‘one size fits all’ policy that many other operators tend to follow, we supply flexitanks that are most suitable to the Liquids carried, ensuring safety to the liquid and the container.


We have the following options for your requirements;

  • Capacity in litres from 18000 to 24000 litres
  • Loading type – Toploading & Bottom loading
  • Discharge type from top discharge & bottom discharge
  • Options include – auto air vent & special barriers
  • Special flexitanks for wine & juices with oxygen barrier
  • High temperature and high-pressure resistance for liquid bitumen and asphalt

Your gain the following advantages using our Flexitanks;

  • The low tare weight of Flexitank, hence higher payload, reduces your costs compared to drums and IBCs.
  • Quick loading compared to drums and IBCs.
  • The low labour is for handling, filling, and loading.
  • Professional and competent service is ensured that your product is handled by experts.
  • Strict specifications ensure that we use only approved marine ISO containers to carry your cargo.
  • From choosing the container to transporting it, we ensure that the safety of your product comes first.
  • Optional automatic air vent fitted to ensure that all excess air is vented out, ensuring that a full load is achieved every time.
  • Our multi-layer flexitanks are sturdy and are built with solid fabric with high shear resistance.
  • Frame bulkheads are strong and well secured, and all are designed to ensure ease of removal at the discharge point.


Our products comply with the following standards;

  • Container Owners Association (COA) compliant
  • Have passed Rail Impact Tests of stringent standards – Association of American Railroads (AAR)
  • Halal and Kosher compliant
  • Food & Drugs Authority (FDA) Approved
  • Safe for carriage of food-grade items
  • Worldwide Product Liability Insurance
  • Single piece tubular Polypropylene (PP) outer cover
  • Special Bonnet to avoid contamination from spills during filling and discharging.

We also provide the following options;

Paper IBCs

Made of recyclable corrugated paper board with an inner food grade liner of polyethylene, Paper IBCs are a more convenient packaging for liquids, powders, granules offering better storage (up to 20 MT in a 20′ container), better storage (can be stacked 3 high) and easier disposal (being paperboard). The packaging solutions come with a pallet, 2″ valve of food grade, and inner liner. The capacity of paper IBCs is 1000 litres.

Octagonal Paper IBCs

Similar to the Paper IBCs but with a studier design due to the octagonal shape and the outer polypropylene (PP) woven tube covering the hard-corrugated paperboard structure with an inner layer of food grade polyethylene (PE). It has around 950 litres and comes with a pallet, loading/discharge valve, and optional heating pad arrangement. Suitable for heavier liquids.

Container Liners

Suitable for dry bulk powders and granules, loaded in bulk into a 20′ container, the liners are available of different materials, different loading and discharging modes, and accessories like bulkheads and frames required.

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