About IT Services

At Abrao Group, we leverage our IT service capability to impart end-to-end support for our Agency & NVOCC businesses. Our IT competency allows our customers to register their KYC details, create bookings, and even generate their invoices for the availed services with self-service platforms. Our robust IT services cover all functions of our sales, front counters, operations, equipment control, documentation, and finance departments, easing our day-to-day operations.

Our Solutions

We offer technology-driven solutions to enhance efficiency and lower costs for customers


KYC Registration


Online Booking &
Shipping Instructions


Online Invoicing

The intuitive design of the single page KYC form allows our customers to complete their KYC registration in a few minutes. The form records the basic demographics and the government issued tax and business registration numbers. Customers can also make corrections and update any information as and when required. All updates are reviewed and approved through the approval module in the system.


Delivery services are essential in this rapidly changing environment. With the ever-growing demand for delivering services at the doorstep of a customer, our customers can now create their bookings and shipping instructions at their convenience.

Our system allows customers to select from a large set of options such as the port pair of their choice as well as the vessel. We offer a variety of container types including Open Tops and Flat Racks for our customers to choose from.

At any point, customers can reach out to real-time customer support through our built-in chat facility to clear doubts and issues and spontaneously easy solutions are provided.

At present, customers can view and print draft copies of their BL but will need to contact our customer service for their Original BL. We will soon be launching a new service that will allow our customers to generate and print the Original BL at their premises.


Our customers can review online the charges incurred for their imports & exports, approve them and finally generate the invoices. Where detention is applicable, the system automatically computes the additional charges and displays the breakup to the customer.