Message from Lenny Abrao

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At the Abrao Group sustainability is an inherent part of our organization. We look at ways how we can give back to needy in the society.

Our sustainable business practices have a positive impact on society and the environment

At Abrao Group, we realize the need for sustainable initiatives for improving society as a whole. As such, we have set in motion a slew of initiatives to positively impact society and the environment. As part of our sustainability road map, we undertake a plethora of socially relevant initiatives to empower people to fight against the odds. Focusing on people’s health, education, employment needs, and environmental preservation, we work towards attaining sustainable goals critical for society and the economy, and our growth.

Responsible Business

We carry out business in a way that It imparts a positive influence to society, economy and environment. With a slew of socially responsible initiatives, We make the difference.