Team Building Program was held on 1st and 2nd September 2018 at a resort in Lonavla. This event was taken over by The Great Next Event team. It was a great experience.

It was a fun filled event with team building activity followed by a Hawaiin Theme Party in the evening.

It was an opportunity for everyone to connect in person. Those connections and good vibes carry forward for many months to come as we all strive to assume positive intent in all of our interactions.

Also to make sure the days spent during the off site event accomplished our business goals whilst also having a healthy dose of bond building with fun. An amount of in-person interaction goes a long way in fostering connection. It helps growing in positive and well interactive session to work as a team with fun filled atmosphere. It was a clear direction for an inidividual to learn to be participative and make it a valuable time together.

Philosophically, everyone need to be aligned not only to the goals but the group norms, Commumnication standard and collaboration that are expected from each other.

Focus was more on brainstorming session. Time around to assess people’s interest was to make that all the team member learnt from our past or present mistakes.

Take Away:

No tool belt is complete without utility belt.

Together Everybody Achieves More.